Corporate Video Production: How to Create Excitement Around Your Brand

Corporate video production doesn’t have to be boring!

So often when person’s ask “what kind of video does your team make?”, we give a litany of examples that we have created.  The one that always elicits the least emotion or even a slight, be it casual, dismissal is the category of corporate video production.  This even happens when the person asking might be in search of that exact category of video!

This reaction typically comes from an experience or two of watching what many would label as dry material, in a fluorescent lit cube environment, while trying to practice napping with their eyes open.  While the subject matter may not always be what you would choose to put on the 65 inch OLED while planted on the couch tonight, corporate video doesn’t need to be boring. In fact, it can actually be just as interesting as other types of video production. The key is knowing how to turn a seemingly boring concept into an intriguing story.

challenges of corporate video production

Bringing Corporate Video Production to Life

The key to any type of video production is to tell a story! If you want any chance of retaining your audience’s attention for more than 15 seconds (especially when you’re talking about a corporate product, service, or brand), you’ll need to tell a story.

What’s Your Story?

The first step to a successful corporate video production is to identify your story. Whether your a product or a service, you have a story to tell. If you’re a travel company you can tell a story about the experience of a fun trip. Or if you’re a tech support company you can tell a story about IT struggles when working from home. Whatever your product or service is, there is a story somewhere!

Telling an Engaging Story

A common struggle internal marketing teams have is they have a message, but no story. This is what makes corporate videos so boring. It’s a few minutes of a company telling you about their product or service. While this is engaging for people already interested in your product or service, it will rarely capture the attention of others.

One of the best ways to improve this scenario is by building your message into a story. With every story there should be a problem or question, then finish the video with a solution. This basic formula is a great way to start the planning process for your video.

Taking a Different Direction

Once you have a core idea planned, now is time to make it unique! As a video production agency, we look forward to the challenge of telling the story differently. We have done this countless times and know exactly what others have done.  You might have a similar theme or idea, yet it is perfectly relevant to your mission.  We would like to push you in a new direction and challenge you to doing it differently!  After all, you want to stand apart!

An Inspiring Example of Good Corporate Video Production

To share this idea, look to the video below.  This is the dreaded corporate piece!  A brand identity video as well.  Associating a brand with the efforts of exciting and out of the ordinary parts of life can give new vision of your entity to your target audience. Case in point, a bolt.  The last time you might have needed one, did you pluck it from an old coffee can?  Did you give a second thought to where it came from, how it was made, the devotion required to put it in your hand?  It is only a bolt and somehow, it’s not boring.  It’s impassioned.


Now that you’ve watched the video, you’re probably thinking “well we’re not Red Bull” or “that’s different”. While your brand is different, the core concept is all the same. The difference is that their production team took a bolt and told a story. Starting from the drawing, then moving to the manufacturing, and finished with how the bolt affects the big picture. Not only did they show the bolt’s affect on the final product, but they also tapped into the core question of “what will the bolt be used for” at the very beginning of the video. This proved to be an excellent way to grabbing attention, then holding it to the end where the question is answered.

Now odds are your company doesn’t make bolts for Formula 1 race cars. But, with the right story and a simple question, you can bring the simplest of products to life.

How to Take Your Production to the Next Level

Don’t add to the sea of boarding corporate video content! If you want to take your corporate video production to the next level, you’re going to need the help of creative professionals that are skilled in bringing stories to life. The good news is, our team at Stringline is here to help!

We ask you, share with us your need.  Challenge us to find a new muse, a flexible mind and unique vision.  Bring us your corporate video and an open mind, and prepare to be amazed. Contact our team today to learn more about how Stringline can bring your corporate video production to life.