So, you are ready to make a video, great! We can help!

We begin by learning more about you and your company. We find out what your goal is for the video, who your audience is, and what the delivery outlet is. Then come the ideas, oh there are so many, many ideas! If you already have a concept in mind, we will work with you to fine tune the details or scripting. If you don’t have an idea in mind already, don’t worry, we can take care of that. We specialize in creative development and scriptwriting to help tell your story effectively and efficiently while representing your brand best. Next comes our three step production process:

  • STEP 1


    The first step in the process is pre-production. This is where every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed. The planning that goes into this stage is key to the success of the entire project and let’s face it, this is not a small investment, so you need it to be perfect. Our staff producers specialize in coordinating locations, talent, equipment, crew, permits, insurance, and of course, making sure everyone is fed! Nobody wants a hangry actress on set.

  • STEP 2


    The production day comes next. This is where our expert crew comes in. We have some of the most talented folks around. If you need it, they can make it happen. A shot of a building from the river? No problem, we’ll get a boat. Follow a semi along the highway? We’ve got a drone for that. Ride in a helicopter with Santa? Been there! Open-heart surgery? Oh yes, we’ve seen that. Whatever the creative calls for, they will bring it to life. Expertise is very important to us; we like to surround ourselves with those who have been in the industry for years.

  • STEP 3


    After our action-packed production days are complete, the assembly begins. We manage all of the media for content editorial, graphic creation and archival. The post-production delivery process is done in 3 phases. Version 1 for review, version 2 for final changes and final master delivery.  If you should want to be present for editing, you are welcome to join us in the edit suite while we push the buttons and conduct the orchestra while it makes art in front of your eyes!  Otherwise, we are very happy to go to work and provide you with examples of our progress on our secure hosting, that we will email to you.


At Stringline Pictures, every aspect of our filmmaking process is an interactive and creative experience. From pre-production to the day of your video shoot, we provide the highest quality filmmaking and customer service you can find in Minneapolis. 


Creative Concept

Pre-Viz Graphics



Location Scouting

Casting & Auditions


Camera Crews

Set Construction

Lighting & Grip

Sound Recording


Live Event Audio/Visual Support

Live Video Streaming

Video Content for Conferences

Location & Studio Video



VFX Finishing


VFX Finishing

Motion Graphics & Animation

Sound Design & Music Composition

DVD/BD Authoring & Duplication


StringLine Pictures specializes in providing the highest quality video production for a broad range of clients. We’re ingrained in the story you want to tell and help you bring it to life by walking through the process with you from the very beginning. Our team of passionate professionals has over 15 years of experience in video production, creating, and working on sets of different sizes for clients across every industry. You can trust that you’re getting a premium quality video when you choose to work with us.


When you come to us with your vision, we’ll help you with creative concepts, scriptwriting, storyboarding, and everything else you need to create your film. We use your ideas and our expertise to fuel the production process.

Marketing & Advertising Videos

We produce captivating marketing and advertising videos that communicate directly to the needs of your audience. We’re experienced and passionate about creating strong B2B and B2C messaging.

Corporate Communications

Strong company culture is at the core of every successful business. Communicate to your company with the high-quality and impactful video that your team deserves.

Training & Educational Videos

We help you provide your employees or audience with the tools they need to succeed. You have the information, and we have the best video production to facilitate your training material.



As a seasoned team of video production specialists, we’re comfortable traveling to our clients wherever they are. Stringline has home bases in Minneapolis and St. Cloud, Minnesota, but we’ve been around the country to create and produce top-notch videos for clients in various industries. You provide the vision and our talented team will bring it to life.

At Stringline Pictures, we have refined filmmaking to its most basic steps. Our proven process ensures we get the story right every time. From the initial conception to the end result, our clients will get something they are proud of, and that represents them to the fullest.

  • Creative Collaboration Every Step of the Way.
  • A Team of Experienced Video Production Professionals
  • High-Quality Film Making and Results

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“We want our clients to be as excited about the video production as we are.

Whether you work in healthcare, education, marketing, entertainment, or manufacturing, our goal is to make your video production experience enjoyable and memorable.

We believe that work and doing what you love can be the same thing. At StringLine, we love video production and storytelling. Give us a call. We’d love to help you tell yours.”

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