Does your company have a strong and cohesive brand presence? Our job is to help strengthen and solidify your brand in the consumer’s mind by telling your story. At Stringline Pictures, we work with you to build your brand identity with engaging videos that brings your brand to life.

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Video is one of the most powerful tools you can use to communicate with your audience. Quality videos give your brand a personal touch by putting a voice and/or face to the company. You deserve to work with a video production company that shares your passion and vision for sharing your brand story with your community. From helping you develop your creative idea to directing your film, our goal is for you to be proud of what we make together.



Paul Niebauer Osb

Facebook Reviewer

“Stringline is a phenomenal moving picture production company. They are a thorough, cleaver, creative, good humored, production team that works as hard as any group I have ever met.  I cannot say enough on their behalf. If you are smart you will at the very least consider them.”

Angie Shubert

Facebook Reviewer

“Have a project big or small? They make it happen, and bigger and brighter than you could have imagined! Great, down to earth team, ready to serve you, in the capacity that you need.”

Kelly Gradin

Facebook Reviewer

“I have worked with Shawn in the past, and his attention to detail and the amount of passion he puts into every project is amazing. Highly recommend Shawn and Stringline!”

Alicia Elizabeth

Facebook Reviewer

“Best production company in the state! I highly recommend them! 5 Stars!”


Stringline Pictures specializes in providing the highest quality video production for a broad range of clients. We’re ingrained in the story you want to tell and help you bring it to life by walking through the process with you from the very beginning. Our team of passionate professionals has over 15 years of experience in video production, creating, and working on sets of different sizes for clients across every industry. You can trust that you’re getting a premium quality video when you choose to work with us.

video pre-production


When you come to us with your vision, we’ll help you with creative concepting, scriptwriting, storyboarding, and everything else you need to create your film. We use your ideas and our expertise to fuel the production process.

marketing and advertising videos


We produce captivating marketing and advertising videos that communicate directly to the needs of your audience. We’re experienced and passionate about creating strong B2B and B2C messaging.

corporate communications


Strong company culture is at the core of every successful business. Communicate to your company with the high-quality and impactful video that your team deserves.

training video production


We help you provide your employees or audience with the tools they need to succeed. You have the information, and we have the best video production to facilitate your training material. 


Whether you’re just building your brand or celebrating a company milestone, let the team at Stringline bring your vision to life. From pre-production to the final day of your video shoot, we provide the highest quality video production and customer service that Minneapolis has to offer. You don’t have to be an expert at video production, you can trust the team at Stringline to take care of you and provide you with results that you’ll love.


Creative Concept

Pre-Viz Graphics



Location Scouting

Casting & Auditions


Camera Crews

Set Construction

Lighting & Grip

Sound Recording


Live Event Audio/Visual Support

Live Video Streaming

Video Content for Conferences

Location & Studio Video



VFX Finishing


Motion Graphics & Animation

Sound Design & Music Composition

DVD/BD Authoring & Duplication


It starts with a phone call, email, courier, bat signal, really your choice of contact.  After that, we will want to discuss your industry, your audience, your messaging, and how best to implement your video.  All of this leads to our team taking your ideas and running with them or pitching you ideas until you love what you hear!  No matter which route we take, we will share our expertise on what is most effective, trending, and what options will bring you the best value. Finally, all of that will lead to scripting!

Anywhere. No really! As long as we have all the required permits and appropriate insurance, which we always make sure we do!  Making sure we have all the necessary paperwork in order is already a part of our service so, no matter where we need to go, we will be there.  Where we are located isn’t nearly as important as where your video needs us to be, so yes, we travel.  We have found ourselves on the factory floor, in the O.R., at the race track, in crop fields, on the water and in the air.  We have traveled the nation and worldwide to get our clients the shots they need and will not hesitate to do the same for you!

Your video is as unique as your vision.  With that, it is a bit analogous to ask what does a home cost?  There are a lot of options when building a home, and the same can be said for creating a video.  Like an experienced builder, we can share with you what might be the best bang for the buck and why choosing certain options will add a great deal of value to your project.  You get to make the final decisions but remember, you are always money ahead to do it right the first time.

After completion of the project and payment is received, the video and the rights are all yours!  If you need the footage from our shoot day, that too can be made available, but we always keep the footage stored safely, using best industry practice for you so you can let us know if you need changes to anything in the future, and we will be ready to go in no time!

Are you in a hurry?  We can accommodate, but every project benefits from the best resources, and the sooner we can begin collaborating, the better for everyone!  Once again, every project is unique, but on average, six to eight weeks seems to be the turnaround time from scripting to completion.  The more extensive your video needs, the more complex the puzzle, and your deadline will affect this completion date.  Our recommendation is don’t wait.  Even if your video is six months to a year out, planning how we execute will make the whole process that much smoother!  So what are you waiting for?  Reach out to us and let’s talk movies, let’s talk cinematic style, let’s talk about what video you want to make!


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