Video Pre-Production: What is it? And why is it important?


Video pre-production consists of each and every aspect of preparation that leads up to the actual video production.  Just as you plan out vast details for a birthday party or a presentation at work, a great video starts the same way.

What does VIDEO PRE-PRODUCTION include?

Whether your video is a historical documentary, a product sales video or an animated how-to, it requires organization up front. The best projects have had extensive video pre-production long before the production day. As needed this includes: creative meetings, content research, scripting, storyboarding, location scouting, talent auditions, wardrobe fittings, crew and equipment coordination, travel arrangements, permit applications and even meal planning. It takes a lot of moving parts to execute a successful production and that includes keeping the teams fed and caffeinated!

Why is VIDEO PRE-PRODUCTION important?

Pre-production sets you up for a successful outcome. When creating a video to represent your company, sell your product or train your employees, you need the end result to be great. Taking the time up front will ensure that happens. You also want to see your investment give you the best ROI possible. We work closely with our clients to make sure these pre-production details are carefully taken care for the best overall production.

So the next time you watch a video, pay attention to things like the location, the actors and the voice talent, each one of those were carefully selected through the video pre-production process.

Stringline Pre-Pro 1Location Scouting

Stringline Pre-Pro 2Location, Location, Location

Stringline Pre-Pro 3Talent Selection & Auditions

Stringline Pre-Pro 4Set Design & Floor Plan