Top 8 Video Production Companies In Minneapolis (Customer Reviews)

There are tons of high-end Minneapolis video production companies, and when you’re a business looking for one to work with, there’s no shortage of amazing talent. In fact, it can be overwhelming to vet all of the production crews to find the right one, so we’ve done it for you!

Check out this list of some of the top video production companies in Minneapolis, MN, for your next project.

Fresh Coast Collective

Services: Video production, photography, graphic design, web design, social media

Cost per project: 10,000+

Retainer: $2,000+

fresh coast collective review

Located in the heart of Uptown, Fresh Coast Collective is a small creative agency that has served some big-time clients. The list of companies they’ve worked with includes Target, Boom Chicka Pop, Duluth Trading Co., Radisson, Lifetime, and Explore Minnesota, to name a few.

This young team puts up some amazing work with video production, photography, web design, graphic design, and social media campaigns. They’ve really made their mark in Minneapolis as one of the most sought-after local video production agencies in town.

Storyboard Films

Services: Videos for corporate, nonprofit, TV commercials, recruiting, products, events

Cost per project: $5,000+

storyboard films review

This small three-man team has made its mark in the video production world by turning boring, mundane subject matters into beautiful artistic visuals. Their focus on corporate and nonprofit videos means they work with a lot of people who want to boost their brand awareness, promote their services or products and recruit the best people to work for them. Storyboard Films makes this happen with their decades of experience and an artful eye.

New World Productions

Services: Video marketing for corporate, commercial, promotional, industrial, and aerial view videography

Cost per project: $2500

Retainer: $5000

new world productions review

Owner Todd Gross founded New World Productions 30 years ago, in 1991, with a strong passion for video production. Todd has curated a great team of artists and forward-thinking individuals who help their clients communicate their vision in a more creative, effective way. Their team’s shared vision is simple: “To create and deliver visually stunning and engaging stories that clearly convey your brand’s message, attracts and impacts your audience, and drives new revenue growth.”

Atomic 8 Creative

Services: Video marketing, corporate solutions, ad solutions, 2D animation

Cost per project: $1,000+

Atomic 8 Creative stems from a local marketing company Triton Commerce and is their expert video sector. Atomic 8 is a small team of creatives and digital marketing professionals who bring to life the stories of companies who want to showcase their brands or products. They cover everything from training videos to testimonials, product videos, promos, employee recruitment, and brand videos.


Flightless Bird Creative

Services: Corporate, commercials, social media, brand videos, music videos

flightless bird review

What started as the dream of 3 Chicago high schoolers has since expanded to be a boutique video production agency in Chicago, Minneapolis, and NYC. Their unique approach to video has produced some amazing, curated videos that tell a story in a creative way. From music videos to small business commercials, they’ve done it all.

Provid Films

Services: Corporate videos, events, testimonials, promotional, drone videography, teleprompter rental, remote video production

provid films review

Provid’s very small production team is located in Minneapolis but has worked in all 50 states providing top-tier video services of all kinds. The founder brought his passion for photography and marketing to build this well-rounded video production company that can provide the best possible service to its clients.

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Services: Corporate video production, brands, testimonials, products, events, promo, explainer videos, social media, and more

Cost per project: $5,000+

Retainer: $2,000+

thrive internet marketing agency

Video production is just a drop in the bucket of things Thrive Internet Marketing offers. First and foremost, they are a robust marketing agency offering web design, reputation management and digital, social media, e-commerce, and Amazon marketing. On top of that, their video production completes their services and puts the cherry on top of the value they can give their clients. If you go with Thrive, you can get all of your marketing needs done in one place.

Stringline Pictures

Services: Video production, post-production, white-label video, training videos, commercials, photography

Last but not least, Stringline Pictures. We are a full-service production company that has a passion for the arts and love bringing that into everything we do. We believe in curating the full cinematic experience for clients from in every step of the production process. It’s an immersive experience that allows our clients to get exactly what they need and want to be captured for their brand.

We are passionate about capturing great interviews, engaging videos, and stunning images that showcase a company’s brand, product, or service in a creative, engaging way to their audience.

video production minneapolis

If you’re a company in need of video production, here’s a list of some of the best in Minneapolis to choose from. Every one of these companies can get the job done, but for a more robust, well-rounded experience, call Stringline Pictures.

Our beautiful videos and proven results have helped small businesses and big corporations alike improve the outreach of their brand and help them recruit the best employees.Contact Stringline Pictures today to get started!