6 Outstanding Corporate Video Examples

Videos attract 300 times more traffic than other standard content marketing methods. That’s an amazing statistic and shows why corporate video is something every business should incorporate into their marketing strategy.

Corporate videos are simply videos or other visual messaging used to raise awareness of a company’s brand or mission. And no, they’re not a commercial—they contain more robust elements that separate them from a commercial or advertisement. They can also be utilized for internal training or safety videos for employees.

So we’ve scoured the internet and found some of the best corporate video examples to inspire you to make your own. Here they are!

Our Favorite Corporate Video Examples:

The British Museum “258 years of the British Museum.”

As one of the oldest museums in the world, The British Museum already has a panache about it, drawing millions of people to it year after year. So why do they need a corporate video? Well, part of maintaining a business means encapsulating everything it’s done in the past and continuing that journey and story. Plus, how does one capture over 258 years of business? A beautiful directed corporate video—that’s how.

The Boeing Company “Boeing in Germany – From Böing to Boeing”

Boeing has many examples of gorgeous, cinematic corporate videos that represent their company super well. Boeing is one of the most well-known names in the aerospace industry, so why do they need to make corporate videos?

Well, part of becoming the success they are is by sharing transparent, emotional elements of who they are with the world. People love to invest in companies that are humanistic and making a difference in the world. Boeing has a lot of videos about who they are, how they got here, how they are changing the world with sustainability, and more.

This video, in particular, is an excellent example of how to use corporate video to share your company’s history as it translates to your mission and passion.

Microsoft Corporate Video “Rebranding of Nokia Theater at AEG L.A. Live”

In downtown Los Angeles, the Nokia Theater next to Staples Center was rebranded to Microsoft. This rebranding required massive effort on Microsoft’s end, hiring a huge team to change all signage of the theatre. SignTech jumped in and made 100+ new signs for the theatre, including a massive Microsoft sign on the top ledge of the building.

This was the perfect opportunity to film a corporate video, sharing the extensive process of how much time, energy, and hard work goes into such an event. They then showcased the video to guests of L.A. Live, which hosts a plethora of events, including conventions and corporate events. The video has time-lapse videos, drone footage of the building, and interviews with the people involved in this project. It was an excellent use of corporate video and drew attention to both Microsoft and the events in downtown L.A.

Sjølund Company Profile Video

Sjolund is one of the top steel manufacturers globally and subcontractors to some of the most innovative and enhanced methods of transportation, wind power, and building companies across all industries. Steel manufacturing isn’t exactly an exciting topic, but Sjolund draws people in with their beautiful corporate video that showcases just how much goes into the work they do.

They’ve worked on some of Europe’s and Asia’s most advanced train systems and have impacted manufacturing wind turbines across the world. But for the most part, they’re in the background, working on such projects, so this video puts them in the limelight.

Shireburn Software Corporate Video

Shireburn is an industry-leading European software company that works in a series of industries helping integrate business suites, Security, and cloud hosting for businesses who want reliable business solutions. They have a story that matches that of many others, but their corporate video showcases their people rather than their business. The people of Shireburn really keep the cogs turning and are the heart and soul of the business, which is easy to see with their business profile corporate video (with 45,000 views and counting).

Google “Interns’ First Week”

We would be remiss not to showcase one of the biggest and best companies in the world, Google, and how they extensively utilize corporate video. This video, in particular, is a piece on the interns who join Google from all walks of life and all areas of expertise and share their experience of why they work at Google and how it impacts their life. This video was put out in 2013 and has received over 11 million views on Youtube, continuing to be one of their most viewed videos to date.

Many companies utilize video marketing efforts to attract future employees to work for them. It’s no surprise that Google is a highly sought-after company to work for, but this video adds another element that gives a real glimpse into both the people of Google, but also what the business stands for. The profiles in this video show that it’s not impossible to get your dream job working at Google—it’s a great example of how putting transparency and real-life people in videos can only help your business.

What Are the Benefits of Producing Corporate Videos?

There are incredible benefits to producing high-quality corporate videos for your business that go beyond just being easy to share. There are stats behind why video marketing is one of the top-performing marketing platforms.

  • Videos are the most preferred method of getting information from audiences. Videos allow information to be absorbed faster and easier than written text. A video that is 5 minutes long might get more engagement than the longest piece of written content on your website. Humans are visual creatures, and this caters to that.
  • Search engines and social media love and reward video. When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), time-on-site is a great metric that Google loves to see and helps rank your website higher. When you embed a video onto a webpage or blog post, this draws the attention of Google and increases time on site for those pages, which in turn boosts your pages and ranks them higher.
  • Videos can be used in multiple ways. If you have one long corporate video, you could chop it up into even smaller clips that can be shared across your website or on social channels super easily.
  • Video production gives a great ROI for your business. It may be expensive upfront, but the longevity of that video you get can last you for years and give you incredible results for traffic and engagement.

Think of Corporate Video as an Investment, Not an Expense

As you’ve learned, corporate video isn’t just another tedious business expense but a significant investment that is an engaging and educational way to showcase the real face of your company. Whether that’s through your employees’ testimonies or products being put into action, videos are becoming more and more necessary when it comes to appealing to the future generations of workers in this world. It helps break down industries and shows them in a relatable, interesting way—through people.

At Stringline, we dedicate a lot of our time to creating corporate videos that represent our clients in a way that makes them proud and genuinely captures their essence.

It’s our mission to hear their story, interpret it, and then put that into a video concept that will give them a successful and memorable corporate video to use for years to come.

To get started, reach out to our video production team today!