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White-Label Video Production: Ultimate Guide for Marketing Managers

If you’re not using videos in your marketing campaigns or as a part of your online brand identity, then you’re doing it wrong.

According to a 2022 TechJury survey, about 93% of businesses garner new customers as a result of branded video content. This is because videos, in general, are a much easier way to consume content — which is why people tend to spend upwards of six hours watching video content weekly.

While video platforms such as YouTube and TikTok dominate the video consumption area, you don’t have to rely solely on video platforms to get your brand message across to your audience. You also don’t have to put too much effort into the technical aspects and management of maintaining your video content either.

All you have to do is seek out a white-label video production company to take care of it all for you. Wondering what white label video production is and why you need it? Keep reading to find out more.

What Exactly Is White Label Video Production?

When you hear or read the term “white label” in reference to the internet, it usually refers to the idea of one company creating a product (usually content) for another company and putting said product in their name. There’s also a general understanding with white-label products that the purchasing company can further customize the product how they see fit or send it back to the original company for changes.

White-label video production companies specifically produce advertising videos for other companies, taking care of:

  • Concepts
  • Idealizations
  • Editing
  • Production
  • Hosting
  • Encoding
  • Monetization

They also typically provide the purchasing company with the essential tools and video players to present the videos as their own.

White-label video products are essentially a digital solution to an increasingly demanding world of hyper-targeted brand marketing. Most businesses depend on these types of solutions to create brand awareness, retarget campaigns, retain audiences, and much more.

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How Does This Differ From Outsourcing?

At first glance, using white-label video production services seems a bit like “outsourcing.” While it’s similar to outsourcing in many ways, there are some distinctions that can be made between the two which are important to understand as a marketing manager.

First, outsourcing refers to a specific business practice in which you would pay a third party to perform a particular service for your company. The service in question can be a one-time deal or an ongoing arrangement, depending on what’s needed. More importantly, the third-party company utilizes its own employees and systems to take on the services needed for your business.

Second, most companies outsource when it comes to information technology services (ITS), such as application development, software programming, tech support, and so on. By definition, this is outside of the realm of white labeling as it doesn’t involve buying another product or service to pass off or resell as your own.

With white labeling, you’re selling a product or service and authorizing the purchasing company to rebrand it as their own.

5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a White Label Video Production Platform

Using a white-label video production platform can bring several advantages to your company, especially if you’re running a small company or a startup looking for a more competitive branding edge.

Generally speaking, video content is incredibly powerful for increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty as it’s highly engaging. This is what makes white-label video production such a profitable investment for businesses within virtually all industries.

Let’s talk about some of the more specific reasons why white label videos are a good idea for your company:

1) It Boosts Brand Visibility

By now, you know that video content is king — we’ve only mentioned this about a dozen times already.

  • White-label videos aim to boost your brand’s online visibility by differentiating you from your competitors.
  • This visibility helps you further reach into your target audience and even periphery audience to grab the attention of potential customers.

Greater visibility has a way of increasing credibility as well. The more awareness you can generate, the more potential customers will trust your brand. This is how you gain lifelong customers and followers for your business.

2) It Improves Conversion Rates

One of the best things about white-label videos is that they’re optimal for sharing. The more people that share your videos across various digital channels, the more people will see them — and become customers.

That’s right; more eyes on your videos mean more conversions. We’re not just talking about one-time conversions either. We’re talking about enhancing relationships with your customer base for the long run, as these white-label videos will undoubtedly influence your audience to keep your brand front and center at all times.

It’s essentially a two-pronged approach to first reach further into your audience to garner the attention of more potential customers, which equates to higher sales conversions in the short term. The second part of the approach is keeping your videos playing as much as possible, reinforcing your influence and thereby reminding your audience to come back to you — which increases your sales conversions for the long term.

3) It Helps With Customer Retention

Any marketing agency will tell you that customer retention and long-term conversion rates go hand-in-hand. However, the key to customer retention via video content is not allowing your video content to overwhelm the audience watching.

The whole point of video advertising is to relay your brand’s message in a way that’s clear, concise, and entertaining. You want to grab your audience’s attention and ensure they receive the information well so they’ll take action. This is where white-label services come into play.

White-label videos allow you to break down complex concepts and ideas regarding your brand, products, or services. This way, your brand messages are more easily digestible for your audience, allowing them to understand what you’re all about without getting bored or confused by what’s going on in the video.

4) It’s Both a Time and Money Saver

Marketing is very time-consuming and costly. This is especially true when it comes to creating digital content that’s specific to your campaign goals and products or services. Not to mention, videos require a lot of attention to detail and a bit of technical expertise — we’re talking about things like:

  • Post-production
  • Pre-production
  • Animation
  • Editing
  • Other important parts of the creative video process

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With white label video production, you’ll be able to save a lot of time, money, and effort simply because the video production company is there to take care of all that stuff. This means you’ll only have to worry about selling your products or services. Plus, the videos can be used for long periods of time.

As an added bonus, the money you save on your video production can be reinvested into your company for your digital marketing efforts or something else important.

Another way that white labeling makes your life easier is that it takes the pressure off of having to troubleshoot any problems. If something goes wrong with one of your videos, the third-party platform that created it will be responsible for fixing it.

5) It’ll Allow You to Compete With the Big Dogs

When you’re a small or even medium-sized business, you may not have the financial resources or manpower needed to continuously keep up with your much larger competitors. However, a white-label video production company can give you the boost you need to stay relevant amongst the biggest and best.

Essentially, by allowing a white-label platform to produce your videos, you’re getting the advantage of having your marketing efforts streamlined by having professional videos created for you. You don’t need to outsource to expensive video creation and hosting experts, and you won’t need to learn how to do it all yourself, wasting precious time and effort.

This will allow you to either get the quick start you need with a brand awareness marketing strategy or remain relevant in a sea of big companies without falling behind.

Are You Ready to Find Your White Label Partners?

You have a vision for your brand and business, and that vision needs to be made clear to your audience. The best way to do that is to work with top-notch white-label partners that have a dedicated team and resources for video projects. These are the filmmaking professionals with the necessary video equipment that know the ins and outs of video marketing as well as how to create a quality clip that’ll resonate with your customer base and potential customers in the future.

Stringline Pictures is the solution you’re looking for when it comes to your white-label video needs. Our producers make it their mission to understand your brand and goals to ensure that your vision comes to life. 

Reach out to us today, so we can talk about your ideas, video marketing needs, budget, and much more!