Video Production Travel

Last week was a week filled with location video production across the country. George was on the go the entire week. From the sunny skies in California to the windy day in Green Bay to the stop for a famous sandwich in Philly, George logged a lot of miles both in the air and on the ground. In the words of Tony Soprano “One thing about us wise guys, the hustle never ends.” That couldn’t be more true for George and being on the move often with location production.

Meanwhile, back at the office we were pumping out estimates, video edits and all kinds of client interaction. Unfortunately we don’t have any flashy photos of that. 😉


StringLine in California 1

Lifestyles of the rich and famous: admittance denied.

StringLine in California 2

“Mr. Spielberg is expecting me.”

StringLine in Philadelphia

“I’ll take a sandwich with a side of production, please.”

StringLine in New Jersey

Channeling his inner Tony Soprano in New Jersey.