Video Production: Crew Positions Part 3

This week we have part 3 of our series on video production crew positions. We are talking about the post-production pros who bring all the media together.

Video Production - Post-Production


Assistant Editor – As with so many jobs in life, in order to get to the top you have to start somewhere and that’s normally at the bottom but, it’s sometimes a blessing in disguise.  The Assistant Editor manages the edit suite so that the Editor can walk in and start working to create the work that shows up on screen.  There is a great deal of work to be done in the dimly lit halls and rooms of the fabled edit suite.  Media needs to be ingested and transcoded.  That media needs to be logged and records double checked.  Footage and project elements need to be managed for storage needs and timelines.  Potential problems with the suites hardware, software and general cleanliness are all the responsibility of the the Assistant Editor.  It’s a lot of work for not a lot of glory but, it is a great way to learn all the ins and outs of postproduction and you absolutely need to know the workings of “the man behind the curtain” before you get to sit in the chair.

Editor – The Editor works closely with the Director, Producer or client to cut together the scenes of the video and then assemble those scenes into a cohesive whole to create the vision that was first conceptualized in preproduction (see what they mean when it’s said to all come down to preproduction!).  In addition to cutting footage, editors will build graphics, mix sound effects and music and color correct footage as needed, especially if timelines or budgets do not allow for audio engineers and colorists.  They will do this and more until the project is complete, which means unsociable hours, faltering hygiene, neglecting of personal commitments and a steady eroding of ones belief in mankind.  Then again, the producer might share with you a donut.  Maybe even with sprinkles.  It helps.

There are many more titles in the credits than what is listed here.  If you want more, send us a message and we can clear up anything that eludes you.  This isn’t exactly “Dear Abby” but, we can probably answer most of your questions, including what you should make for dinner.  That is, if your inviting!

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