NAB 2019

We went to visit Vegas!  Vegas baby!  While we didn’t stake our fortunes we may have had a glimpse into the future.

That future is anamorphic, cross pollinated and in 8k!  There really were some trends we saw as we walked the many, many miles of convention floor.  While big sensors are and have been all the rage, we are now seeing numerous lens manufacturers looking to squeeze as much imagery as possible on them with anamorphic lenses.  When monitoring those gorgeous pictures, roam freely with a Small HD monitor and built in Terra Deck. Then know, more pixels are coming.  Many more pixels.

Many trends turn out to be fads, but some of the things we saw look more like the building of the bridge to the big picture dreams that led us to the industry.  Some of the industry insiders agree and we were able to meet very knowledgeable engineers, developers and celebrities.  Exciting to see some of the faces that bring us one of our favorite podcasts, “The Digital Production Buzz”!  Thanks Larry!

While we may have left Vegas behind, we’re back and hard at work and drawing up our Christmas wish list with every free moment.  A list that promises to do wonders for us and you!

Stringline NABSHOW 2019 1