How to Write a Video Script: Tips, Tricks, and Template

Learning how to write a video script is harder than it looks!

Writing is a medium unto itself.  Yet, writing serves two masters at all times, both the story or idea it is conveying and the medium it is designed for.  In the case of script writing, the story must be shared but, in preparation of the visual medium. That is the case whether the script is for a speaker of an event, a dramatic work, and of course video production.  Each is a style of the same art but, the page is the vehicle to bring the show to life.

One of the hardest parts of script writing is starting. Here are a few tips on how to write a video script, along with a template for you to follow!

how to write a video script

How to Write a Video Script

The first and most important thing you need to write a video script is an idea. What is your story? What message do you want to share with your audience?

This is arguably the most difficult part. But, once you have your idea, now it is time to start writing.

Outline Your Script

Now before you start writing your script, it is best to start with an outline. Break down the structure for how you want your story to go. Doing this will save you tons of time down the road because you will have a clear idea as to what you want to share and how.

When you start outlining, it is best to consider who your audience is. What is their frame of mind? What is their personality and what is the best voice to reach them?

Finding the best way to answer their questions or deliver information while keeping them engaged is the trick. Keep this in mind as you start to build out your outline and dive into the core ideas of your story. Break down the intro, body, and conclusion. Then build out each section. Once you have your structure together, you can finally start working on your script.

time to write a video script

Writing Your Script

You have your ideas, your outline, and a clear idea how you want to bring your story to life. Now is time to start writing your script!

If this is the first video script, you probably don’t know all of the formatting nuances involved. If this is the case, just stick to the general script and dive into the formatting later.

The best thing you can do to approach writing your script is to put yourself in an environment without distractions and dive in. Try to not let yourself get hung-up on one part, just keep the flow going and keep fleshing out your ideas. A common misconception to script writing is that it needs to sound good right away. This simply isn’t true. Like all writing, there are plenty of drafts between the outline and the final product. With this in mind, just keep writing and getting your ideas on paper.

Formatting Your Video Script

Once you have the a draft of your script written, you can pair your thoughts with images. That could be interviews, b-roll, animation, graphics and a thank you at the end to mom. Keep in mind, this will look different depending on what you’re shooting (documentary, interview, movie, etc.). In general, the idea of the formatting is to not only break down what people are saying, but what is the audience seeing and hearing.

people reviewing video script

Review and Edit

Once you have completed your script, we always recommend having someone else review it. While this might be a little uncomfortable, keep in mind you will need to hand out this script to plenty of people for the shoot and it is crucial everyone clearly understands your ideas. Once you have a few people review your script, it’s time to go back and edit. Do this a few times until you feel like your script is ready for production!

Wrapping Up Your Script

If all of this sounds like a lot of work, that’s because it is.  Hopefully you find it to be labor of love!  It is not without its pitfalls and critiques because remember, everyone’s a critic…  but, that too is part of being a scriptwriter.  That’s part of being an artist of any kind really.

In review, if you have an idea, pick the right script format for the video you intend to make.  Know who your intended audience is and then choose the voice that best reaches them.  After that, it’s all about letting the words tell the story of the pictures in your genius!

Your Video Scripting Template

To help make the process a little easier, make sure to check out our video scripting template!

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The Best Way to Level Up Your Production

Writing a script is no easy task, especially if it is your first time writing a script. But, the good news is, there are tons of resources out there along with plenty of people to help!

Do you have a script that’s ready for production? If so, we would love to read it!  Even if you have a script needing some word-smithing, we’re always excited to put our heads together to smooth it out. And don’t worry, sometimes even seasoned pros need a little help from a “script doctor”.

If you have an idea and don’t want the hassle of writing a script, that’s where our team of seasoned pros can help. Not only can we put together an engaging script for you, but we can take care of the entire process to bring your ideas to life. Make sure to call us at Stringline Productions to learn more!