Hollywood comes to Minnesota

6K Red Epic Dragon

Photo courtesy of www.red.com

At StringLine, we use a variety of acquisition tools. Often the project defines the right tool for the job. We use several different cameras from Panasonic, Canon, Sony, to GoPro, but our 6K RED Epic Dragon has more to it than just an awesome name – it is a unique, professional-grade camera with versatile capabilities.

  • 6K Resolution – Every 6K frame is a 19 megapixel RAW image, which is up to 9x more pixels than 1080p HD. The amount of picture detail found in a 6K image goes beyond that of 35mm, comparing only to 65mm in image density.
  • Lighting – RED DRAGON sensors have a native dynamic range of over 16.5+ stops, giving you a huge advantage in challenging lighting conditions.
  • Color Science – Vibrant colors, smoother skin tones, and improved tonal variations are just a few of the advantages of the RED DRAGON color science, producing RAW images that are true to life.


You’ll find this camera in Hollywood, international feature films, and used for high-end broadcast quality episodic television and advertising. With this camera, our clients can have a piece of stylized Hollywood without the box office budget.

Here is one of our first projects with our RED. Retail commercial for national broadcast.