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4 Fantastic Fundraising Video Examples for 2023

The possibilities for fundraising marketing campaigns are endless. Direct mail, email marketing, social media, and engaging competitions are all common practices. But do you know what’s at the core of almost every successful fundraising campaign? Video!

Time and time again, video has proven to be one of the most engaging and effective marketing tools that companies can use for any type of marketing effort, especially fundraising. Donating funds can be an emotional experience for consumers, so they want to have that emotional connection that oftentimes only video can provide.

If you’re looking to start your own fundraising campaign and you need some inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Below are some of the most fantastic fundraising video examples along with a professional breakdown on why they are effective.

UNICEF – For Every Child

We know what you’re thinking; of course this is a great fundraising video—Liam Neeson is narrating! That brings up a great point of the impact of emotional narration and storytelling. This video is amazing because Liam Neeson’s voice draws you in and elicits an emotional response. Additionally, the footage shown in the video matches that emotion and amplifies what the narrator is saying. Your corporation might not be able to hire a giant A-List celebrity, but you can write a compelling script and have it narrated by someone whose voice matches the tone and emotion of the video. Thankfully in todays world, there are platforms like Fiverr where you can search from a wide variety of voice actors to find the one that matches your video!

Firefighters for Healing

Created by Stringline Motion Pictures

We are incredibly proud of this fundraising video that we created for Firefighters for Healing. This project is a great example because it utilizes expert cinematography and sound design to tell a beautiful and compelling story about the organization in a short video. Notice the voice over, music choice, and additional sound effects like the dispatcher over the radio. All of these aspects help build a connection with the audience and bring the story to life. You can read more about the Firefighters for Healing project here.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago – Dream Big


Storytelling is an essential component of every fundraising video. In order to get the viewer to buy in, you need to tell a compelling story. This Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago video does an excellent job of telling a story and highlighting how the organization helped through that journey.

It’s important to note that your organization doesn’t always have to be the “hero” of the story. Oftentimes, highlighting an individual or multiple individuals as the heros of the story is more compelling and relatable to the viewer. In this type of fundraising video, you want to show the audience how your organization helped the hero find success and overcome the obstacles they faced.

CommunityGiving – Support the Women’s Fund

Created by Stringline Motion Pictures

We featured this video because it highlights a crucial aspect of fundraising videos, a strong call to action. Visual storytelling and captivating your audience are important parts of all fundraising videos, but viewers are much less likely to donate if there’s no strong call to action. Your fundraising video should explain why someone should donate and then ask them to actually do it. It might seem simple, but it’s often missed by organizations. This CommunityGiving fundraising video is effective because it asks the viewer to contribute and tells them where, when, and how.

At Stringline Motion Pictures, we’re passionate about helping charitable organizations raise awareness and funds for their causes. Benefactors want to see their donations in action.  All the good your organization does for the community comes to life before their eyes in video.  When people see your mission making the impact they want for their neighbors, environment, and future, they want to join you, knowing your focus is making a difference.We believe that high-quality video is proven to positively impact your fundraising campaigns. If you’re interested in having a fundraising video created for your company, contact us today.