7 Best Film Production Software Options (Ranked)

It takes meticulous organization and documentation to make a film successful. Even with all the talent in the world, you still need to stay on track with scheduling, call sheets, storyboards, shot lists, script breakdowns, and more. Film production software can help all these details stay organized.

Film production management software is different from editing software. If you’re looking for the best film editing software, try:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Avid Media Composer

Today we’ll be narrowing in on the seven best film production software that will take your projects to the next level.

1) Movie Magic Scheduling: Most Popular for Larger Companies

Movie Magic Scheduling by Entertainment Partners is one of the most classic film production software programs used throughout the industry. It’s an offline, desktop-based program, so it might not be as modern as others on this list, but there’s a reason it continues to get used.

With the integrated block-style production calendar, you can import your script, create and view schedules, and create budgets. Just keep in mind that the scheduling and budgeting software is separate, and they each have a one-off fee.

Movie Magic takes some getting used to, so it’s more commonly used by major film companies than small production studios.

2) Celtx Filmmaking Software: Perfect for Building Documents

What started as a desktop screenwriting software eventually developed into an all-encompassing film production management tool. Celtx is a great asset to use across the entire filmmaking process. This cloud-based program is easily-accessible but does take some learning for beginners.

Some of the best features of Celtx are:

  • Scriptwriting + uploading
  • Storyboarding
  • Index cards for script editing
  • In-line script breakdowns
  • Project catalogs
  • Industry-standard budgeting templates
  • Shot lists
  • Scheduling
  • Call sheets

With everything you need in one spot, Celtx is one of the best film production software on the market.

3) Assemble: New and Modern

Coming in hot in the film production software scene is Assemble. This newer software with modern, relevant features helps keep team collaboration all in one place. Since an unlimited amount of users can join at no extra cost, Assemble is perfect for teamwork.

Some of the exciting features you’ll get to take advantage of include easy-to-sync production calendars, task lists with delegation options, file sharing, casting submissions, frame-specific commenting, and more!

You can sync Assemble with other tools your company uses each day, like Apple iCal, Google Calendar, and Outlook. Give it a try with a 30-day free trial.

4) StudioBinder: Optimized Collaboration

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With collaboration features for all tasks, StudioBinder software is ideal for many modern filmmakers. This cloud-based program is integrated with helpful features like:

  • Storyboarding
  • Script breakdowns
  • Scheduling
  • Call sheets
  • Shot lists
  • Calendars
  • File sharing

There is a sliding scale price point where you can pay the lowest amount for three features, a mid-price point for everything except collaboration, and the highest price point for all features, collaboration, and unlimited projects. Keep in mind that you’ll need to pay extra to add additional users, but overall this is a great software that will keep your production organized.

5) Yamdu: Beginner-Friendly Interface

Yamdu is one of the easiest to use filmmaking software. This beginner-friendly, cloud-based program also has everything thing you need for film management all in one place. You can utilize:

  • Talent database
  • Location scouting database
  • Call sheets
  • Shooting schedules
  • Production schedules
  • Inventory management
  • Script uploading
  • Script breakdowns
  • Shot lists
  • And much more!

With effective communication and collaboration, Yamdu helps filmmakers streamline their workflow and manage their production timelines more efficiently. You can integrate tools you already use like Google Calendar, PDF, Final Draft, and even other software on this list like Celtx and Movie Magic!

Pricing is based on different levels of online storage, so be sure to estimate how much storage you need before buying a subscription.

6) Scenechronize: Secure Document Storage

Also from Entertainment Partners (who make Movie Magic Scheduling), Scenechronize is a film scheduling software that includes script breakdowns, standard reports, payroll, and sides that you can export as PDFs and Microsoft Excel documents.

Scenechronize excels at secure document storage. It can manage your script, schedule libraries, email files from libraries, and add watermarks. As a cloud-based software, filmmakers are able to securely share documents and easily collaborate.

Scenechronize boasts their stringent military-grade security by proudly preventing spoilers for all eight seasons of Game of Thrones!

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7) Gorilla Scheduling: Tried and True

Gorilla Scheduling by Jungle Software is one of the most commonly used film production software. As a desktop-based software, you’d need to install it on your computer and run periodic updates. It does not run online, which can be a dealbreaker for some people.

This program primarily offers scheduling capabilities, but additional production management tools, like call sheets and storyboarding, can be purchased and installed separately. Since it’s more expensive than other options, it’s typically more popular for larger companies.

Pair the Best Filmmaking Software With the Best Team

While you can’t go wrong with any of the software on this list, we’re definitely big proponents of the cloud-based, all-in-one programs that offer modern capabilities. Try a free trial with these programs to learn which one you like best.

And if you ever need extra helping hands with bringing your film or video to life, you can count on the expert video production team at Stringline Pictures. We can help fill in if you need support with pre-production, principal photography, or post-production.

Reach out today to tell us about your project!