Andrew Telling

Featured Filmmaker: Andrew Telling

At Stringline Pictures, we love celebrating independent filmmakers in Minnesota, across the country, and around the world. Independent film is at the heart of the film industry, and we want to ensure that hardworking filmmakers get the recognition they deserve.

Today, we’re going to be featuring Andrew Telling— a skilled filmmaker based in London. Get to know his background and work here.

Telling’s Film Style + Successes

London, England-based director and composer Andrew Telling is an independent filmmaker who specializes in documentaries, commercial campaigns, and branded content. Real and raw human stories are at the core of Telling’s documentaries.

This same creative documentary aesthetic transfers over into his commercial and branded work. Authenticity is at the core of every film project he undertakes.

His films have been recognized at festivals like:

  • Cannes Lions
  • British Arrows
  • 1.4 Awards

When it comes to commercial and brand work, Telling has worked with numerous well-known brands, such as:

  • Nike
  • Youtube
  • Volvo
  • Electrolux
  • Speedo
  • Canon
  • Rapha
  • OnRunning
  • Vodafone
  • Kvadrat
  • And more

Many of his films (“Araf,” “Suspended,” “Dolgoch,” and “Nicola’s Spirit”) have been awarded the Vimeo staff pick, which is a selection of videos featured on Vimeo that have been curated by the in-house staff.

Featured Projects

Let’s take a closer look at the inspiration behind some of Andrew Telling’s successful projects, as well as the storylines that brought them to life.


“Cicerone” was a short film commissioned by Rapha— a premium cycling accessories brand. In this film, two friends, Walter Beckers and Kendal Noctor travel to Europe to cycle through impressive mountains. Rapha Travel’s Cent Cols Challenge founder Phil Deeker provides the two with guidance as they trek on a ten-day journey to test their limits on their bikes.

Rapha – Cicerone from Andrew Telling on Vimeo.


Also a tribute to cycling, Andrew Telling collaborated with the British outdoor cycling brand Albion to create “Dolgoch.” In this short film, friends Holly, Emma Jane, and India visit a remote hostel called Dolgoch in the middle of the Cambrian Mountains in Wales. This documentary short captures the cycling journey that brought their friendship closer together in a remote and beautiful place.

Albion – Dolgoch from Andrew Telling on Vimeo.

“Nicola’s Spirit”

“Nicola’s Spirit” is an inspiring piece about the impressive Swiss olympian Nicola Spirig. On June 5, 2022, Nicola set out to become the first woman in history to complete a full triathlon in under eight hours. This race marked the final chapter in Nicola’s incredible 20-year career. This artful collaboration with OnRunning demonstrates just how unbreakable Nicola Spirig’s spirit is.

On Running – Nicola’s Spirit from Andrew Telling on Vimeo.

Who’s Your Favorite Independent Filmmaker?

There’s no denying that Andrew Telling has had an impressive career so far, complete with stunning shots and gripping scores. At Stringline Pictures, we’re proud to celebrate indie filmmakers because we know how much the industry as a whole depends on them.

Let us know who we should feature in the future! And in the meantime, check out our blog for more professional advice on all things film and video production.