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Projects: Firefighters for Healing

Telling this story required multiple days of shooting, at a Minneapolis fire station, the Mayors office, firefighter ride alongs, and building a set of a residential home, in an active training facility. What does it take to make this happen? Inspired by the rigor and focus firefighters apply to their trade, we made sure to […]

Projects: Lift Dental Photography

Lift Dental is a brand new clinic located in Stillwater, MN that we were commissioned to photograph. While the clinic itself is new, the practice has a great deal of history. The name was inspired by the historic Stillwater Lift Bridge. This iconic landmark has stood the test of time just like Lift Dental’s rich […]

Getting the Shot: Get Low, Get Low!

“Getting the shot” low angle edition! High hats, sliders, gimbals and even using your body as the low angle tripod! George isn’t afraid to get right in the mix to get that low angle POV! In video production it takes creativity and dedication to doing what it takes to get the right look. Thinking outside […]

NAB 2019

We went to visit Vegas!  Vegas baby!  While we didn’t stake our fortunes we may have had a glimpse into the future. That future is anamorphic, cross pollinated and in 8k!  There really were some trends we saw as we walked the many, many miles of convention floor.  While big sensors are and have been […]

Getting the Shot: Going to Great Heights!

Man lift? Tiny ledge? Highway overpass? No big deal. Sometimes “getting the shot” requires some creativity and not looking down. You gotta do what you gotta do, to get the shot. In this installment of “getting the shot” we see what heights Shawn will go to! And be sure to check out the George edition […]

Projects: Drybar Wayzata Photography

Welcome to MN, Drybar! Drybar is the nation’s premier blow dry bar specializing in just blowouts, no cuts, no color and Wayzata is now home to the first location in this state. We were hired to photograph the new space for the builder to showcase. Each location is unique, but is heavily branded which shows […]

Projects: Centered On Life’s Best Moments

Centered on Life’s Best Moments. Perhaps you have seen this ad when going to the movies? We partnered with Central Minnesota Credit Union to put together a commercial campaign to distribute as movie theater advertisements and to be utilized across social outlets. There is great value in creating content for your brand that you can […]

Projects: Form-A-Feed Farm Photography

We had the privilege of joining the folks from Form-A-Feed out to three different farm sites to capture both video and photos for their new website. With most productions, we have the availability to add a photography package alongside our video crew. This works well for many clients, especially when the coordination for all of […]