Video Production: In Defense of Corporate Video

So often when person’s ask “what kind of video does your team make?”, we give a litany of examples that we have created.  The one that always elicits the least emotion or even a slight, be it casual, dismissal is the category corporate video.  This even happens when the person asking might be in search of exactly that category of video!

This no doubt comes from an experience or two of watching what many would label as dry material, in a fluorescent lit cube environment, while trying to practice napping with their eyes open.  While the subject matter may not always be what you would choose to put on the 65 inch OLED while planted on the couch tonight, corporate video doesn’t need to be boring.

As a matter of fact, we as a video agency look forward to the challenge of telling the story differently.  We have done this many times and know what others have done.  You might have a similar theme or idea, yet it is perfectly relevant to your mission.  We would like to pitch you a few ways of doing it differently!  After all, you want to stand apart!  Filmmakers enjoy new methods and creativity!

To share this idea, look to the video below.  This is the dreaded corporate piece!  A brand identity video as well.  Associating a brand with the efforts of exciting and out of the ordinary parts of life can give new vision of your entity to your target audience.  Case in point, a bolt.  The last time you might have needed one, did you pluck it from an old coffee can?  Did you give a second thought to where it came from, how it was made, the devotion required to put it in your hand?  It is only a bolt and somehow, it’s not boring.  It’s impassioned.

We ask you, share with us your need.  Challenge us to find a new muse, a flexible mind and unique vision.  Bring us your corporate video.  It need not be boring!