Video Production: Content Length

StringLine Location Video Production Lab

“Science tells us that our brains can process images in less than 150 milliseconds, but how long does it take for our hearts, how long does it take to tell a story that moves you?”

That leads us to question the importance of length vs. persuasion

Although our attention spans seem to be shrinking with the onset of so many types of mobile apps, that is not necessarily the case. Shorter is not always better. The main questions we have asked for ages in video marketing or advertising still hold true. Who is your audience, what is your message, and what is the overall goal of the video?

Goals for your video production

If your overall goal is simple brand awareness, short can do the job. However, if your goal is for viewers to really connect with your brand, longer more impactful content is likely better. The fact that we are viewing things much different than we did even 5 years ago, plays into these decisions on how to correctly market your brand or product.

A mobile-ready world

The number of devices walking around this planet today in purses, backpacks, briefcases or even just our pockets, is astronomical. We are connected. All. The. Time. In a recent study by Google, up to 80% of usage in a typical day is done on mobile and 57% of those surveyed use more than one type of device in a day. That means we have to rethink the way we advertise or reach our demographics based on how they use these devices they are connected to constantly. Since the majority of viewing today happens on mobile devices, you have more opportunity to tailor-make that experience based on your desired outcome. YouTube Advertisers’ case study of this question is a great watch.


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