Corporate & Brand Identity

Video Marketing Near Minneapolis, MN

Corporate & Brand Identity Video Marketing Near Minneapolis, MN

Building your brand identity with video marketing is key to reserving your position in the mind of your target consumer. People are exposed to more marketing and videos than ever before. To stand out in the crowd near Minneapolis, you’ll need a cohesive video marketing strategy to grab attention, tell a story, be memorable and deliver the message you intend.

With StringLine Motion Picture Company, marketing videos will give your brand a personal touch by putting a voice and/or face to the company. Our marketing videos are excellent at nurturing interest in your brand by giving consumers an inside look at how your company and employees operate, how services and products are created or distributed and how your company works to serve them better.

Corporate & Brand Identity Video Marketing Near Minneapolis, MN

At StringLine Motion Picture Company, we’re experts in video marketing near Minneapolis, MN, supplying the creative juice and production know-how to create the brand identity videos your company deserves and your consumers will engage with. We work with you to find the right angles, topics, testimonials and frameworks to build the perfect brand identity video.

The most important things to be thinking about when creating brand identity videos are:

  • speaking to your target consumers’ needs and emotions; and,
  • maintaining consistency in output.

It’s vital to get control of your video strategy because 62% of people are more likely to be turned off by a poor quality video. Having the proper planning and execution in place opens you up to a much larger market. And if you’re among the 60% of companies already using video marketing, we can help produce high quality video consistently to boost your brand. Your customers are going to expect a high level of production and polished visuals, and we can deliver.

StringLine Specialties

When it comes to boosting your brand identity, we specialize in creating broadcast TV spots, documentaries, online marketing videos and providing live event recording expertise. We take care of the entire video creation process to ensure you receive a masterfully created piece.

Focusing on messaging and presenting the style your brand represents is how your investment reaps rewards. StringLine is dedicated to this vision and knows that each project is deserving of unique inspiration.

Contact us today and tell us how we can help bring your brand identity video marketing project to life.