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Projects: Support the Women’s Fund

  For the past couple of years, StringLine Pictures has partnered with the Women’s Fund of Central Minnesota Community Foundation to produce this video to support the mission of the fund. The video was played at their annual fundraising event, Women’s Fund Presents and will be utilized in their capital campaign efforts going forward. The […]

Happy New Year 2018!

2017 was one heck of a year! So many amazing projects with great clients! We are so grateful for productions that brought us to new states and into new industries. Each new video project puts us in the heart of our client’s business, allowing us to have an insider’s look at what they do. It […]

Crossing Boundaries With Video

Think Bigger If you set out to create a video for your brand with the intentions of reaching viewers just down the street, you aren’t thinking big enough. Over 500 million hours of video are being watched EVERY DAY on YouTube. This is telling us that video is one of the most popular methods of […]

Projects: Form-A-Feed

We had the pleasure of working in conjunction with the talented team at Meta 13 on updating the online presence with a video for the agriculture gurus at Form-A-Feed. While working to overhaul their look, Meta 13 brought us in to collaborate on a new video that showcases the Form-A-Feed mission and services they provide. We […]

Google Video Preview

This just in: Google is making another handy update for mobile users! As things continue to get more and more visual, Google has announced that they will now be trying to help you out even more in your search endeavors. What this means is that instead of just having text snippets as part of your […]

Video Production: In Defense of Corporate Video

So often when person’s ask “what kind of video does your team make?”, we give a litany of examples that we have created.  The one that always elicits the least emotion or even a slight, be it casual, dismissal is the category corporate video.  This even happens when the person asking might be in search […]

Video Production: Marketing Campaigns

It has figuratively been a wild ride. It is most certainly literally going to be a wild ride! The new 2018 Dodge Demon has been unleashed and it represents a halo car and high water mark for the brand and market segment as the most powerful, quickest and fastest V8 production car offered by a […]

Video Production: Crew Positions Part 3

This week we have part 3 of our series on video production crew positions. We are talking about the post-production pros who bring all the media together. Post-Production Assistant Editor – As with so many jobs in life, in order to get to the top you have to start somewhere and that’s normally at the […]